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Laurie Lipton Exhibition Information - The Sleep of Reason - @ Strychnin Gallery

ローリー・リプトン (Laurie Lipton) から個展の開催についての連絡があった。
2008年6月20日から2008年7月6日にかけてドイツ (Deutschland、Germany、ドイチュラント) のベルリン (Berlin) にある Strychnin Gallery での開催となる。

Laurie Lipton: The Sleep of Reason.

フランシスコ・デ・ゴヤ (Francisco de Goya) の作品に触発され制作した作品が中心となる模様。
Strychnin Gallery から個展についての内容を引っ張ってきたので、以下に引用しておく。

20 June - 6 July 2008
"Sleep of Reason" : one woman show, works inspired by Goya

Works inspired by Francisco de Goya.
Breathtaking detail is one of the most astonishing characteristics of Laurie Lipton’s work. Her large format pencil drawings are created in the same manner the old masters used to paint: hundreds, if not thousands of little lines create areas of tone – a tedious way of drawing, yet one that allows her to achieve an amount of detail and luminosity that is almost unparalleled.

Lipton’s work brings out the strange and grotesque in everyday life. Aiming for a psychological Realism, her works for “The Sleep of Reason” were deeply inspired by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya ( 1746 - 1828 ). Goya, who has portrayed the horrors of his time quite realistically in his series of etchings titled “The Disasters of War,” yet has also created fantastic and mythological paintings such as “Colossus,” has been a tremendous influence on Lipton’s work.

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