Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laurie Lipton Exhibition Information - CARNIVAL OF DEATH - @ Last Rites Gallery

ローリー・リプトン (Laurie Lipton) から個展の案内が届いていたので紹介しよう。
2011年10月1日から2011年10月23日にかけてニューヨークのギャラリー Last Rites Gallery で "CARNIVAL OF DEATH" と題された個展が開催される。

October 1 - October 23
Last Rites Gallery

Opening Reception: Oct. 1st, 7-11 PM

NEW YORK, NY (October 1st, 2011) — Last Rites Gallery presents The Carnival Of Death, new works by Laurie Lipton, in what will be her first solo show at the gallery.

A master of graphite, Laurie Lipton’s detailed drawings explore the passages of life and the portal into death. With technical prowess, she approaches her subject matter with a unique blend of both elegance and dark humor. Influenced by Día de los Muertos iconography, this exhibit runs just prior to The Day Of The Dead, commemorating the holiday by which it was inspired.

“I became fascinated by the contrast between the Day Of The Dead festival in Mexico and my experience of my mother's death. My parents were atheists. We had no ceremony, no goodbyes, no "closure". My father instructed the hospital to cremate my mother and dispose of her ashes. She was gone, disappeared, zapped out of existence. I was left with Nothing... literally and metaphysically. Friends & family treated my mother's death like an embarrassment. They awkwardly murmured Hallmark platitudes before slinking uneasily away. Death is as forbidden a topic in modern society as sex was in Victorian England.

When I visited Mexico in order to see The Day Of The Dead festival some years later, I couldn't help feeling envious of their approach to mortality. Families gathered on graves and picnicked, whole villages turned up with food for households in mourning. Death was treated as normal, even silly. Candied skulls grinned in their hundreds and skeletons danced in a fair-ground atmosphere. I decided to rebel against my heritage and create drawings inspired by the mood and atmosphere of the Mexicans. I decided to get in-touch with my bare bones. My culture runs from death, screaming. We worship youth, beauty and the illusion that we have all the time in the world. We frantically face-lift and botox, and throw pills, creams and money at death. We fool ourselves into thinking that death only happens to other people & only losers die. Skulls always look like they're laughing. Maybe the joke is on us?”
-Laurie Liption

Last Rites Gallery
511 W. 33rd Street, 3rd Floor
NY, New York 10001
Tel: (212) 529-0666

The Official Website of Laurie Lipton

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